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About the Artist


Floral Impressions was birthed from a sister (Victoria) and passed along to her younger sister (Melanie). Both sisters as children developed a love for pressing flowers when they were little girls. They had a tiny flower presser, and when they would stumble across flowers they loved, they would press them in hopes they would live forever.

After Victoria’s own wedding, she started brainstorming on how to press her own wedding bouquet. She pressed her bouquet (not knowing the outcome) and took the rest of the flowers to the nearest nursing home in hopes to brighten their day. Once they returned from their honeymoon, Victoria turned her flowers into art and decided brides needed this opportunity to cherish their flowers as well.  

She took the next year learning everything she could about pressing flowers alongside her younger sister, Melanie. With wedding flowers being so particular, if not pressed correctly they will turn brown or completely different colors. But, after much experimenting and perfecting the pressing process, Floral Impressions took flight in March of 2018. On January 2021, Victoria turned her attention to raising a family and Melanie took on the dream to bring life to flowers through art. 

Melanie says, “Although flowers are worth every penny, it can get expensive. I wanted to create floral art in a more modern way that not only saves the flowers, but in fact reminds us of the milestone events of life whether that is cherishing flowers to remember the day you said “I do,” a time where you are honoring a passed loved one, or celebrating special occasions like the birth of a child or a special anniversary. This business is special to me because it gives honor to every season of your life and in some way helps memories live on forever.”

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